It’s Never too Late to Change Careers

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Inspiration for the Career Change

Changing Your Career Path

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Letting Go!

8 Tips to Help you Switch Careers

  1. Keep a journal. Have your journal and a pen (or use your phone) with you at all times. Ideas about your new career can come to you when you least expect them even in the middle of the night.
  2. Create a list of your current skills. A skill audit or inventory will allow you to assess your options more accurately. Sometimes existing skills can translate into those of a new career with a little effort and minimal additional training.
  3. Build a list of your interests. Sometimes some of your interests won’t be on the skill inventory but could lead to some attractive career possibilities.
  4. Make a list of jobs or fields in which you have an interest.
  5. List all of the education and training you have had. Include seminars, conferences, workshops and the like.
  6. Now, assess your skills against the careers that interest you, and identify any skills gaps or education/training opportunities.
  7. Create a list of friends and associates who have already changed their own careers. Not only can they help you overcome some of the pitfalls, but they can act as moral support during your own transition. Plus, they may have ideas or connections that you can use.
  8. Make a comprehensive Action Plan with all of the steps you plan to take and be sure to give yourself a reward for achieving any of the major milestones on your Action Plan.

Career Change is Nothing New

How to Change Careers With No Experience

  • Online courses: there are countless courses both free and paid.
  • Seminars and conferences.
  • Find a mentor in your new chosen area!
  • Networking is key! You can do this online on platforms such as LinkedIn and you could also attend networking events.
  • Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Audiobooks. This can help when you’re stuck in traffic, learning instead of remaining frustrated with traffic.
  • YouTube videos. Some are better than others, but the amount of teaching talent to be found online is nothing short of astounding.
  • Attend Webinars: there are many industry-specific and educational webinars.
  • Volunteer either on-site or online! You can find volunteering opportunities on job listing websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. There also are skills-based online volunteering platforms such as Catchafire and United Nations.
  • Go back to school if needed, and get a degree in your new area. It’s never too late to go back to school!
  • If needed, build your portfolio from scratch!

Advice for Career Changes




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Zainab MV

Zainab MV

Marketing & Digital strategist

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